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Made of plastic, it is sturdy, waterproof. The automatic chicken coop door is reliable when faced low and high temperatures,  from -22°F to 131°F (-30°C to 55°C).

Easy to use-buttons can be easily programmed  

You can set time to open or close the door, it opens automatically in the morning and closes automatically at night as you wished.

 Day and night sensors  

You can set the light-sensitive door opening to open the door. The light-sensitive function contains 9 levels of brightness for opening and 6 levels of brightness for closing. It will save you time, you do not need to watch it all time.

Easy to Install

The installation of the automatic chicken door takes less than 10 minutes, and there are screw holes for installtion.

You can even choose one of three motor strength settings. The mechanism is simple, reliable, and works well. This updated version has all of the flexibility you need while still being very simple to set up.


Assembled with screws,High-quality powder-coated Fine structural color (explicitly designed for the external environment).The steel door is sturdy and keeps the weasels and Fischer cats from killing  chickens in the night.


🐥BATTERY POWERED – 4-6 months battery life that works in all conditions .

Packaging sterilization package Included:
✔️ Screws;
✔️ Instructions booklet;
✔️ Box for protected shipping;

SIZE: 13.8 x 9.5 x 1.3 inches


Material: Plastic


Q: Will this door open during the night if my motion lights comes on in the run?

A: New mode T50 have 20min averageing so will open or close if there is at least 20min of day or 20min of night if there is less than 20min of sensor light directly on the sensor.

Q: Will the Automatic Coop Door crush my chickens?

A: There is a safety stop built in, so the door will automatically stop if it is obstructed. The door stays in position until you open the door manually with the test button and release the trapped chicken.

Q: Will this door be affected by strong wind and heavy rain?

A: It hasn’t had any issues in high winds or rain andOpens and closes without issue .And don’t worry about it in cold weather,this automatic door has its own temperature, so don’t worry about being frozen by the snow.

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Rhea Duncan
Verified Buyer

We ordered a cheaper one and it didn't work at all. Then we got this one. It says the batteries are supposed to last a year but ours kept going dead after only a couple of weeks. Well- we reached out to the company and they helped us fix it! They didn't give up until it was working properly! I was very impressed. Now it works great and we LOVE not having to worry about opening or closing up the chickens every day. Yay!

Aine Todd
Verified Buyer

I had actually purchased 2 different chicken doors before I finally decided to bite the bullet and invest in this more expensive but well-known one. The first 2 both presented major quality issues (for those who are curious, I had bought the non branded $30 door and then the hipykat door).

Miriam Young
Verified Buyer

We had trouble with the first one we received. Sent a email and got a response right away. Did some trouble shooting with them and they sent a new unit out and it has been running good. Customer service is great and we really like the door.

Loui Allison
Verified Buyer

I purchased the door to save me the hassle of being home before nightfall and up before dawn to get the chickens into their coop and out of their coop in a timely manner. The first run chicken door I purchased had a glitch but the company responded quickly and with a new door which works PERFECTLY! I can't imagine not having the door. It saves me time and gives me peace of mind.

Neave Mcmillan
Verified Buyer

This thing works great. Once you set it, it will open in the morning and close at night using the light sensor. My chickens got used to it immediately. Has a safety feature in case the chickens are in the door, it goes back up so it doesn't crush your chicken. It will go back down in 30 seconds.

Conor Garcia
Verified Buyer

I had heard about chicken door openers and came to Amazon to search for one. As I was scrolling through the products, I found this one. To be completely honest, what drew my attention to the product was that it was cheaper than the alternatives found on Amazon. I know cheaper isn't always better, and so I emailed the seller some questions about its quality and durability. I was pleased and surprised at how fast they got back to me with answers.

Blake Barker
Verified Buyer

So I have used this door for 18 months and it has been flawless. I change the batteries about every 6 months proactively and it has never failed. So I highly recommend.

Elouise Johnson
Verified Buyer

We had previously installed a "ChickenGaurd Automatic Coop Door" - that worked for about three months. Replaced it with this door - much simpler to install, much simpler design (cog mechanism lifts and lowers the door rather than a string on a pulley), much better construction. We've had it in place for about 2 months now and it's worked flawelessly. Highly recommend!

Stephen Garrison
Verified Buyer

Listen, we all busy. Ain't nobody got time to go out at night and shut the henhouse door. So, raccoons come by and steal an occasional hen and I got tired of it and bought this automatic door. Yall, it's amazing! Works exactly how it's advertised. I highly recommend it and it was a breeze to install.

Victor Frank
Verified Buyer

We purchased the run-chicken automatic door in July 2021. Very easy to install on our coop, and from Day 1 it worked flawlessly, every day opening at dawn and closing by dark. The auto-door gave us peace of mind knowing the chickens would be safely locked in their coop protected from night time predators, and "released" in the morning for daily foraging.

Violet Knight
Verified Buyer

Before we had this door we had to let the chickens out of their coop in the morning and lock them back up at night. This door is a must-have. The installation was easy and it works perfectly. It's so nice not having to remember to close them up at night and go out in the cold dark. We can relax knowing it automatically closes after dark and it's light activated so it often opens before we are up. So, it's a win for the chickens and a win for us.

George Browning
Verified Buyer

I've had this installed for about a year and have zero negatives to report. It is installed on a northeast face of the coop so pops open at first light. It stays open until dim twilight. It has withstood rain, snow, and heat without any issues. Freezing rain did manage to glue the door shut in early spring, but that would have been true of the manual guillotine door that this product replaced. Careful heating with a got everything unstuck again, and a simple awning over the opening prevented the problem from happening again. Very pleased with this product.

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