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Do you often suffer from neck and shoulder pain due to poor sleep?

Then an extremely ergonomic pillow is just what you need!

Perfectly supports your neck.

Super elastic, soothe your head.

Divided into multiple areas, so you can sleep comfortably in multiple positions!

Compared with ordinary pillows, it is more ergonomic and adapts to the human body.

Lying on your side is also more comfortable and effectively protects your spine.

Leave a comfortable space for the ears, avoiding ear discomfort when lying on your side with ordinary pillows.

Comfortable and breathable, fast recovery

Can be washed all over

The filling is composed of 20% soy fiber and 80% polyester fiber, which is safe and odorless, and is comforting for long-term use.


Donovan Douglas
Verified Buyer

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Kaiden Simpson
Verified Buyer

Love it! Perfect for my boyfriend who is a truck driver and myself as a hairstylist

Paxton Edwards
Verified Buyer

I work at a desk all day, and after getting Lyme disease my neck would constantly hurt from misalignment. After regularly going to a chiropractor for years he had to close his practice over a mandate.

Matilda Gay
Verified Buyer

Obviously this pillow is not going to be perfect for everyone. For me the final level of my neck when sleeping on my back is still a bit high for my liking, but by no means uncomfortable (I’ve never found a pillow that can keep my neck completely level with the mattress). Other than that the they are super comfortable for any other position, and leagues better than the pillows they replaced. Can’t really go wrong with these.

Demi Cohen
Verified Buyer

i have a condition that makes me very sensitive to pressure on my body. i’ve found it difficult to find the correct mattress and pillows. i typically have gone through a set of pillows about every six months over the course of the past seven plus years. they either are too hard, too soft or just lumpy. these pillows have been excellent for me. i’m a side sleeper and occasionally on my stomach or back. all comfortable. ive owned this set for Around 2 years. i’ve bought them for relatives several times and recommended them to others. i love how soft yet just enough support they provide.

Tianna Dale
Verified Buyer

I put them into the dryer with ‘Air dry’ setting with a couple of dryer balls before the first use to fluff them up a little bit. That’s a must I would say, otherwise you won’t see their full potential. They are very soft and great for side sleepers who prefer super soft pillows or no pillow at all. However after you wash them and dry them in the dryer they become super fluffy and firmer than before, yet pleasantly and comfortably soft. If all mentioned above suits your needs and you have a decent washer and dryer for the matter - buy them, you’ll be very happy!:)

Evangeline Richards
Verified Buyer

Only had these pillows for two nights but so far so perfection. They are supportive but comfortable. Came as a two pack vacuumed sealed. Simply opened let them fluff up and pillow protector and pillow cases went on. My husband said it looks like a hotel pillow. I take it he means costly and comfy, because they are. Will continue to test them out. But love them.

Alejandro Moses
Verified Buyer

I haven't bought new pillows in a long time except a cheap one that instantly turned lumpy in parts and thin and flat in others. I just got these today and I knew right away I am going to sleep well tonight, the coolness, the feel, the materials. Now I want a bed made of this stuff. I recommend these highly. I feel like royalty.

Tamsin Vargas
Verified Buyer

I love these pillows ! They are so fluff and soft!! They are perfect for my king size bed as well and give me the support I need when I’m sitting up in bed watching a movie or on my laptop.

Kasey Merritt
Verified Buyer

We bought 12 of these and I was praying they wouldn’t come and need to all be returned for being less than adequate quality. When they arrived I was shocked at how accurate the “hotel pillow” description was. We were spending obscene money on pillows for neck issues we were experiencing. We could never get it right so we gave up. These are absolutely incredible and worth every cent! All of our rooms now have these pillows!

Cody Strong
Verified Buyer

I love the versatility of being able to "fluff" these pillows and they reshape. Personally, they are very soft for me, and I sleep on two pillows anyway, so I have a firmer pillow underneath. My husband sleeps on two of these. We couldn't be happier. He also likes to wash his pillows once a month and they hold up beautifully (we have a non-agitator machine). I love the way that they cradle my head. I side sleep and back-sleep and either is perfect.

Johnny Bentley
Verified Buyer

These pillows are amazing. I've owned them going on my second year. They feel the same as when we bought them. Best pillows we've ever owned and I just ordered my Aunt and Uncle a set. Order some today for a great night's sleep upon delivery.

Safaa Parker
Verified Buyer

Such a good pillow. Both my mother and myself love this pill. Having a vertebrae fused in my neck, this purple was easy to mold in a way it didn’t hurt my neck. It stays fluffed up with little effort on my part.

Ines Davidson
Verified Buyer

Love these pillows. I have been on the hunt for a perfect pillow and I finally found one. Matter of fact, I have made two more orders and possibly a third order of the pillows highly recommend I have put them in the dryer on air dry to refluff them. Once I do that, I would never know that I had them for as long as I have. They are like brand new again.

Kyran Winters
Verified Buyer

I have tried several pillows and found that I really like these. I am a side sleeper as is my husband and we both find that they allow enough support but softness. We have not had any neck pains with these pillows and they are a good height.

Maja Li
Verified Buyer

Okay y'all. I have been buying these pillows for over a year, and I keep coming back for more. The year old ones are STILL just as comfortable as the new ones. They wash well, don't get lumpy, and are so comfortable. I have spent a hundred dollars on pillows that aren't this nice I have bought these 4 more times and these will be the only pillows I will ever buy for as long as they are made the same. Highly recommend!

Macie Banks
Verified Buyer

Very soft and comfortable. However, if you’re looking for a firm pillow, this is NOT it. I will say that my husband and I loved these pillows so much we bought more. Definitely recommend.

Francis Wall
Verified Buyer

Overall, these pillows are quite nice. I'm used to sleeping with down, so I didn't find these as comfortable as I had hoped, but that isn't a fault of the product. My husband seems to like his just fine. Time will tell how they hold up.

Kira Hampton
Verified Buyer

We've had these for about a year and they are great. I am a side sleeper and hubby is a back sleeper and they work for both of us. Also they have held their shape and we have not noticed any change since we opened the box!

Syed Cline
Verified Buyer

This pillow is lightweight, yet supports my head just the way I want, regardless of sleeping on my back or side. I open boxes with a razor blade cutter. Thank goodness they pack the pillows with an extra piece of cardboard over the pillows. Smart move.

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