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This product is made of mesh with excellent anti-corrosion and sun-proof properties. It is a new type of fly-catching device with high efficiency, environmental protection and safety.

Warm Tips:

Cages are seduced in, bait is the key, with chicken and duck viscera, fish viscera, rotten fruit, brown sugar + rice, pasta, cream popsicle, corn stick and so on.

Working principle:

flies can hardly tell where they are and are only attracted by food, our dly traps attract flies by using the bait in the bait tray. Then, Flies will fly up into the hole of the trap and get stuck.Then flies will die due to dehydration and hunger.

About this item

Durable ranch fly trap: our new outdoor fly trap is made of high quality, thick iron wire gauze, matched with the environmentally friendly plastic bowl.

Safe outdoor fly traps: this hanging ranch fly trap is non-toxic with no insecticides, non-chemical and harmless, Environmentally and pet friendly.

Effective to use: hanging 1 meter from the ground. Spring season hangs in plenty of sunshine, summer hangs in dark places. This fly catcher depends on how attractive your bait is.

This product is widely used in public places and outdoor environment such as parks, families, vegetable farms (agricultural markets), canteens, restaurants, slaughterhouses, farms, green belts, food processing plants, toilets, garbage houses (yards).

Installation Notes


  • Color:Green
  • Materials: wire + plastic + high-quality gauze mesh
  • Size :33*25 cm / 13*10 inch
  • Weight: 110 g/5.29 Oz

Package include:

  • 1 x Ranch Cage


Ralph Hodge
Verified Buyer

Love these. You have to figure out the right mixture of stuff we use beer and horse poop. And sometimes you have to move them but these were great and don’t smell bad like the old fly traps will be buying these every year

Nikodem Hodges
Verified Buyer

I've seen these the past couple years but I was skeptical. This time I finally was so sick of the stink from my old standard fly traps I figured it was worth a shot, plus these are a really good price compared with my old ones. This picture is after less than 2 hours! I already ordered more of these traps. My chickens get cantaloupe and ear corn for a cold treat, the flies are really drawn to the leftover rind and cob so I threw those in and added some beer as the other reviews stated how well that works. I am impressed! This will be my new yearly standard.

Lucille Gilmore
Verified Buyer

We run a fulfillment center. Doors are open constantly. The flies work as hard as we do. They have finally me their match. These 16 traps I bought are way better, less smelly, cheaper, and easier to maintain than the disposable bag with wet lure type I've used before. Will buy another batch asap.

Dafydd Mayer
Verified Buyer

Easy to set up but bowl doesnt go in easy and when you have to add the fly bate it can spill on ur fingers and wow that smell is terrible

Charlotte Kline
Verified Buyer

These work like a charm. They need to be in the sun if possible.

Juliet Lamb
Verified Buyer

The photos I enclosed are proof it works. The traps that have the most flies, I baited with beer. The other one I baited with horse manure. As you can see, the beer works sooo much better!! I am using them in the stall for my horse. Last ditch effort to help control the flies and so glad I gave them a try!! I will purchase again in a minute 🤠🐴

Glenn Neal
Verified Buyer

no chemicals, no awful smell ,just hang it out of the way of you head so you don't pump it. this product works like it says. I put a chunk of watermelon into the bowl. or a chunk of overripe tomato. and its works great . helpful in the barn or around chicken coop. around a doorway spot or patio.

Cain Lara
Verified Buyer

Picture was takin seven days after I hung it in my hedges.

Adelaide Roy
Verified Buyer

Been using these for a couple of years now. I live on a small horse farm and the bags fill quick. I dont bother emptying them. I toss them and hang new ones. Love these. Way less Flys around.

Christina Gill
Verified Buyer

I just put the fly trap up near my garage can. I put a little bit of lunch meat In the tray as bait. Two hours later I took the photo and it collected all these flies. I was hoping it would work as the flies have been horrible. Lately. I was very surprised how quickly it work!

Tianna Moore
Verified Buyer

The idea of reusing it sounds sketchy, but the first shot works great. I used an old banana, some sweet tea, and a bit of dog poop. A swarm of flies were trapped in a few hours and kept coming. Well worth it.

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