Menstrual Heating Pad Washable Warming Belly Period Belt Relieve Pain Hot Compress Massager for Menstrual Abdominal Belly Warmer

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Menstrual Heating Pad Washable Warming Belly Period Belt Relieve Pain Hot Compress Massager for Menstrual Abdominal Belly Warmer



3 Heat Settings: 45°C, 55°C, 65°C

Rated Voltage: 5V

Color: Pink + Gray

Material: Lycra + Graphene

Total Length: 109cm



1.Use safety materials, heat evenly, and have high safety, no need to worry about insufficient heat or overheating and burns.

2.Switching position, three-speed constant temperature 45-65 degrees, freely adjustable .

3.10 seconds of rapid heating, rapid heat generation, no need to wait.

4.USB plug in,it can be connected to power, computer and charging treasure.

5.Lightweight and portable, easy to use and easy to carry. Washable and easy to clean.

6.Repeatable washing, no risk of electric shock, no water washing

7.Adhesive design, adjustable length according to waist circumference

8.Multifunctional ultra-thin belt:warm court, warm stomach, warm stomach, waist and abdomen protection, a variety of surgery, warm abdomen, abdomen and uterus, relieve body pain and menorrhagia. Since then, say goodbye
to a cold.

9.vibration massage plus hot compress, double nursing.(Massage function)

10.Skin-friendly material, soft and breathable to wear.

11.This heat pad can create heating effectively and quickly.

12.Temporary relief of period cramps pain and associated back aches.

13.Protect women’s uterus, regulate uterine cold and relieve menstrual cramps.

14.Perfect gift for Christmas, Birthday or Valentines Day.


Hajra Hobbs
Verified Buyer

I was pleasantly surprised that the strap actually fits me comfortably. I'm not a small person, and I have trouble finding things like this that fit (I'm anywhere from size 22-26, 3x-4x depending on the brand). This fits well and the heat settings are nice. On the lowest setting it's just warm and the highest gets hot enough to be uncomfortable if you don't have something between it and your skin. The vibration can be a bit loud if you're walking around or standing, but sitting at my desk or lounging the sound is muffled by my chair or couch and isn't too bad. I do wish that it would hold it's charge when not in use. I have to recharge it before I use it if it has been sitting for awhile, but overall it's great.

Marie Hickman
Verified Buyer

I have interstitial cystitis, so i have alot of bladder pain. I purchased this in hopes to help my flare up days while i am at work. I loved it so much i asked for two so i always have a back up fully charged. I stay cold and in WV we are always cold lol. So i even use it when im going to concerts or something and it really helps to keep you warm. Perfect for many uses and so convenient to wear youll forget your wearing it. My only tip is wear a thin layer between the skin and the heating pad because it does get very very hot.

Ayla Hardy
Verified Buyer

This little heating pad is great for my aching back. It's small but it gets really hot and lasts a long time, and charging is quick. Just what I wanted. It's marketed to women for cramp relief, but it should be marketed to old guys who hurt their backs for no reason. There is a little plastic tab attached to the elastic belt that snaps into the unit; I broke this tab by accident so I couldn't wear the pad anymore. Customer service answered my email within a day and they were so nice and so helpful. I'd buy from this company again, any time. Their product is inexpensive but their customer service is absolutely wonderful. Well done, Yeamon.

Sarah Thompson
Verified Buyer

Listen. To me. This thing is a game changer. Even though the battery doesn't last as long as I would like it to, I would still buy this again and again. It does so much to help with period cramps. It's discreet enough that I can and do use it at work under my shirt and it's totally undetectable. (I just the heat setting at work, as the massage feature is SUPER loud.) I use both features at home and it helps so so much. 10/10 despite its faults just because of how much it helps me!

Aaliyah Adkins
Verified Buyer

My daughter has really rough period cycles. So I bought this for her to have on the go heat. She love how warm/hot this little heating pad offers on the go. You can’t even tell she has it under her clothing since she deals with the public for work. Obviously you can’t wear it under skin tight clothes but under a hoodie or long shirt with leggings or her jeans. Helps with her painful cramps. She also used it for her shoulder pain when she draped it around her upper body.

Isha Peterson
Verified Buyer

I have seen ads for these online enough I decided to give this one a try… I didn’t have very high expectations but this thing will be taken with me on every trip I take! I experience cramps every morning so my need for a heating pad is daily. I’ve gone through many trying to find the hottest one and I think I’ve found it. This thing is HOT and I repeat HOT, it says to not leave on your skin but my pain is so severe at times I need it to be as hot as possible and this device will 100% burn you if you’re not careful. That being said it heats up in 5 seconds, very very nice.

Naima Mccall
Verified Buyer

I am a 26 year old mother with Endometriosis. I spend most days, or I should say, I *wish* I spent most days connected to my heating pad that plugs in. The cord keeps me immobile which isn’t an option when you have little ones. With this portable heating pad.. that’s no longer a problem! I can cook, clean up, and play with the kids without having to sacrifice my body. Best investment yet!

Laura Wood
Verified Buyer

As someone who gets bad monthly cramps, this has helped made me more comfortable in bearing with them. This product gets very warm, almost hot so I always wear a shirt if I'm using the high setting. I love that this has a strap so I don't have to hold anything against me so I can just lay down and relax. Would recommend!

Rebekah Cuevas
Verified Buyer

This is such a game changer if you deal with serious period cramps. I use this every single time i have my period and it works great! This first one i ordered had a really bad battery life and would die after only 20 minutes so i reach out to customer service and they sent me a replacement at no charge immediately! Very helpful and my new one works perfect! Gets extremely hot so definitely use with something between your skin and the heat. The strong heat really helps soothe the cramping though. The vibration doesn’t do much for me and just kind of sounds like a vibrator lol

Regan Douglas
Verified Buyer

I get very bad cramps so was looking for something I could wear while doing housework, working, cooking etc. I'm 165 lbs and this fits perfectly and comfortably plus the belt is adjustable to get either smaller or larger. It has 3 different heat and 3 different vibration levels and is very easy to use.

Alesha Blair
Verified Buyer

I bought this hoping I could use it for my lower back after breaking tailbone. Heat relieves pain. It didn’t work for so I gave it to my teen for cramping pain. She loves it. When vibration mode is on, it’s loud and noticeable to others. If it’s off, you can play along as if you didn’t have it on. Good ideal heating pad. Charges well. Not sure how long battery lasts.

Dora Page
Verified Buyer

This heating pad is perfect for when you can’t be stuck plugged into a wall. I wear it while I’m doing the dishes or going on a walk. It lasts about 2 hours, only downside is it takes just as long to recharge. Size and amount of heat are perfect for my needs. The strap is adjustable, although it won’t stay as tight as I would like it, but it still works just fine. I love the color and overall would recommend.

Dante Peck
Verified Buyer

I love this product! I got it for bad period cramps/backache that usually have me bedridden for a week each month. At first I thought it only worked with the vibration going aswell (the vibration is loud but nice for period pains) but it works without it too so I can go out wearing it under my clothes :) If you’re thinking of getting one for yourself or as a gift, do it! 😍

Brooke Galvan
Verified Buyer

this product is amazing! i just got this thing and i love it! i struggle with severe belly pain and often struggle to find a pain relief. But with this product i actuallt find the vibration very helpful, it has been the only real pain relief ive had!

Samia Carrillo
Verified Buyer

This little thing puts out a lot of heat and not too bad of a massage. I’ve been using it for a week or so due to a pretty bad back problem. The strap helps to keep it where you want it, it can be made shorter or longer, plus it’s stretchy. Get this, you won’t be disappointed. Comes in lots of colors too.

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