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Tired of Your Cats Ruining The Furniture?

Scratching is something cats do¬†to sharpen their claws. That’s cute and all but¬†why does it have to happen on the beautiful furniture?

It doesn’t!¬†This Furniture Scratch Protector¬†will¬†stop your furry friends from scratching¬†your¬†sofa,¬†armchair,¬†drapes,¬†table legs, and¬†any new expensive furniture¬†you’re getting.


With this Furniture Scratch Protector, your cats will quickly learn where not to scratch and you can joyfully say goodbye to the endless scratching and destruction of furniture.

The protector sheets are¬†100% transparent¬†which means you’ll hardly notice them and they¬†can be installed on most materials,¬†wherever your furry friend scratches the most.

They leave no trace and can be used on any smooth fabric, leather, polyester, etc.


You probably spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your furniture. The last thing you want is for it to be destroyed by your cats and their claws.

Now you can start protecting the existing furniture and no longer have to hesitate about buying new furniture for the fear of it getting ruined.


Ophelia Powell
Verified Buyer

These are easy to apply and remove.

Zachariah Parrish
Verified Buyer

I have two goobers who have been allowed to scratch the furniture. (Literally junk couch to begin with) but we talked about upgrading and we all know that's the first thing cats do is scratch the new furniture... Lol so put this on the furniture and only had to get their foot stuck once and that was the end of it. That being said I have gotten my pants and children stuck to it too. Which is mostly funny really. And a dog..... Again mostly funny no one was hurt or anything. Definitely will be buying again when we get a new couch.

Evelyn Lee
Verified Buyer

These are great for upholstered furniture. It deterred my cats from scratching. Definitely very sticky and stays on well. Easy to cut to fit whatever you need it to.

William Mcneil
Verified Buyer

I had no idea if this would actually work or not, as I have never tried this type of product before. It actually does do a great job of stopping cats from scratching flat surfaces, wherever you apply these strips.

Morgan Jefferson
Verified Buyer

works well to protect your furniture

Jackson Harrell
Verified Buyer

I got to witness my cat’s first encounter with this and it was quite funny. I stuck one across the back of the couch to discourage my cat from her favorite claw-sharpening spot. She hops up to the same spot every morning, and this time hopped up, looked confused, and immediately hopped off again, shaking each of her 4 feet in turn as if they were wet. The strip has remained sticky for about a week since I applied it, but will slow loose it’s stick as it collects dust and pet hair. It applied just like a big strip of double sided tape and appears practically invisible once it’s there. Know that laying it across the back of your own couch may result in you also suffering from the sticky glue, at least if you or your child has long hair. Overall these have resulted in the desired behavior modification for my cat.

Joel Singh
Verified Buyer

This is easy to apply. Since I put it on my couch my cats are not clawing at it. Seems to be working.

Mikolaj Meyer
Verified Buyer

I ordered these strips because I have a couple of kittens in the house. I have two large cat trees, as well as toys that have scratchers in them. For some reason, they seemed to think my sofa was the best place to put their claws. So I started using these strips (therefore saving my sofa, which, luckily, hasn't any damage) and it forced the kittens to use their trees instead. I have watched them for a month, to see if they would revert, but they have not. The strips are clear, so they don't look awful on your furniture, and have a little tab that you can use when it's time to remove them (which I will do when they have completely figured it out). You get a box of twenty of these, and I've only had to use four or five, so there's enough to go around. The price is perfect for the product, as these really do work. They are wide, about four inches, and long, about one foot. So the product is worth the price.

Elsa Solis
Verified Buyer

These large sticky sheets keep my cat from clawing my couch, which is already beyond repair. Even though I yell at the cat whenever I see her clawing the side of the couch, she still does it. These are couches that are upstairs, and I'm hardly ever up there. These were very easy to install, pretty much self-explanatory. I can't speak for all cats, but my cat hates sticky things. She does like to chew on plastic, so I wasn't sure if she would just chew on it and pull it off herself, but that hasn't happened yet. I haven't tried to remove the sheets, I'll just leave them as they are since they are working. My couches are fabric, and I don't expect these to cause any further damage to my couches when I do remove them.

Kenny Ray
Verified Buyer

I didn't want to declaw my cat but he was ripping his paws into my headboard shredding the leather, I tried tin foil but it just created more annoyance for me. After putting this on the headboard to my bed my cat started to slowly lose interest in tearing the leather and I give him a treat at his kitty condo.

Shannon Charles
Verified Buyer

Really large sheets, they work great for the side of a couch. They were actually bigger than I expected.

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