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Car Scratch Removal Kit allows you to fix car scratches easily and within seconds.; it’s a powerful polish that actually buffs blemishes away–without causing harm to your paint. What’s left behind is a beautiful, high-polished finish that will impress you.

Main Features

    Car Scratch Repair Body Compound designed to restore original luster and color. Its activity decomposition grind sand, filler ingredients can quickly fill after decomposition and repair paint scratches. Easy to remove the oxide film on the surface and stubborn dirt, paint spots, burr, and color and luster lacquer layer again.
    Work for small and light scratches like door handles’ fingernail scratches, and scratches, slight scratches, slight Lacquer hurt, paint swirl after polishing, etc.It also can clean Asphalt, Insect corpse stain, stubborn attachments, etc. it is an effective slight scratches remover at an affordable price.
    The Car Scratch Remover does not react chemically with car paint. Pure physical grinding after activating the car’s paint surface. so it can repair the scratches without affecting the original car paint, and it does not contain any dyeing agent totally. it will never leave any other color on your car’s original paint, which means zero color difference.
    The Car Scratch Remover does not pick colors. it can work on any color’s vehicle, but please make sure there is no plating crystal or paint protection film. It does not work for deep and big scratches like Expose primer, black plastic, a big area of primer or Obvious cratering while hand touching.
    Just clear the scratches area, remove the dirt, wax, iron rust. Squeeze enough cream to the sponge. Use the sponge rub the scratch until the scratches are disappeared. then wipe the cream wax off. (For specific steps, please check the instructions.) This technology will save you lots of time & money and keep your vehicle shining and clean.


Usage Scenarios

  • Suitable for cars of any color which have small and light scratches.

Using Methods



  • Surfactant
Product Size
  • 14*7*2 CM
Product Weight
  • 15g (Car Scratch Remover)
Total Pakage Weight
  • 30g
Package Contents
    • Car Scratch Remover × 1
    • Grinding sponge × 1



    • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
    • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.


Beau Cabrera
Verified Buyer

I was a bit skeptical but I saw all the good reviews so I decided to give this a try. I had a vertical scratch on my back bumper from my garage door. It took almost all of it out. I am so happy! Easy to use. Just add some of the solution on the sponge and buff away.

Ishaan Walter
Verified Buyer

Just scrub really hard for a while and you may have to go over it a few times but trust me it will work! Unfortunately my car still have few scuffs left over that were too deep but this got rid of most of it!

Brian Lowery
Verified Buyer

This removed the scratch on my wife's car. Was able to remove every thing in about a half hour. Worth every penny I paid it. Would buy again.

Jack Whitaker
Verified Buyer

Great temporary fix for my poor car. I was not away enough from a pole and hit it. Fortunately I have an uncle who is in collisions. In the meantime, I did not want to look at the giant scratch as it is just a giant reminder of my blunder.

Warren David
Verified Buyer

Wow I am amazed by how effective this product is! I hit the side of my garage while parking it and it left some scuffs on the side of my car. I came on Amazon and bought this product hoping it would work. I used it today and I am so shocked it actually worked. I scrubbed the scruffs in circles and watched how the scruffs disappeared before my eyes. I am for sure going to keep using this product if I see more scruffs on my car. I 100% recommend this product. It works!

Adam Christensen
Verified Buyer

I had a few scratches on my back bumper, and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get them out and I tried this this morning and it wiped them out like magic! I highly recommend this product! I had my doubts, but I’m telling you this stuff works!

Stanley Bird
Verified Buyer

See before and after photos. The driver cut it too close while backing into the garage. Lots of paint and scuffs with this incident. I ordered some Carfidant with hopes it could help. With the assistance of a small cotton buffing wheel on an electric drill, I slowly whittled away for an hour+ all the paint and scratches from the accident. The Carfidant provides just the right amount of abrasion and buffing that everything looks as good as it ever was. Note: paint and scuffs on the plastic molding merely smeared when buffing was attempted, so nothing further was done to remedy the molding. With such good results, it was fun to find/fix other unrelated scratches around the vehicles exterior.

Keane Sanford
Verified Buyer

If I'd have known just how impressively this was going to work, I would've definitely planned to take before and after photos. Rest assured, anyone else's photos are darn accurate, though.

Prince Colon
Verified Buyer

Wow really impressed. This product did an amazing job removing scratches on my car from my animals and bushes. It won't work for deep scratches but it works wonders for lighter scrathes!! You can see the difference in the photos

Rio Estrada
Verified Buyer

Does the job as advertised. Would buy again and recommend. It’s rare that I write a review

Abdul Ho
Verified Buyer

I dont ever write reviews but this product saved my life. It doesnt make it completely go away. But it 100% improved the scratch.

Tony Callahan
Verified Buyer

I had vinyl siding hit my car from wind damage. I used the scratch remover and it removed 99% of the scuffs. Would recommend.

Hugh West
Verified Buyer

My cousin’s monster truck was parked in my driveway for about a month, which made pulling out of an already tight garage into my driveway (with a large brick wall on one side and a monster truck on the other) very difficult. I had a little paint on my car’s bumper from exiting my garage and it was definitely bothering me. As others said, it required a little elbow grease, but after a few minutes all of the garage paint came off. My car body paint stayed on and my car looks brand new again. I was worried about the product potentially messing up my paint job on my car, but it seems fine. I also touched up a super light scratch on the side of my car with this product and it was gone in one easy swipe. I also used this product on my side mirror that also had a little garage paint on it - the side mirror is black plastic but I figured it was worth a try. It worked pretty well there too but didn’t remove all the paint there, but I think if I go back over it again it would probably be fully effective there too.

Danyal Cisneros
Verified Buyer

Works just fine. I removed the yellow paint on the fender, door and handle within 30-40 mins with no evidence of scratches or swirls from process.

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