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Say goodbye to double chins and nasolabial folds, and have a small V face. Lift and firm the face, thin the face, shape and prevent sagging. Soft and skin-friendly, strong lifting force, not tight, good air permeability!

💎Chin Strap:That chin slimmping strap is specially designed to tighten the skin, lift up the skin and reshape a slim and youthful face. It is suitable for all types of skin.

💕 Comfortable and breathable:That V line bandage choose breathable fabrics. It is elastic and sturdy, fitting to different features of faces.

💕 Bandage: That bandage is an effective and useful method to relieve the double chin and saggy skin along the facial contour. It can be used for men and women.

Main Features
💎 REUSABLE Advanced double chin reducer
💎 Reducing sagging skin
💎 Unexcelled firming face contour
💎 Perfect V zone
💎 Ideal V chin lift tightening
💎 Gorgeous V up line
💎 Noticeable reduction in facial wrinkles
💎 Reduction or complete disappearance of the double chin

Name: Beauty face sculpting sleep mask

Part: Face

Material: Baby breathable fabric

Applicable people: Nasolabial folds/double chinfacial sagging/wrinkles at the corners of the mouth

Use time: Day/night

Use Suggestion

1. Please start to adapt from half an hour for the first time use. After adaptation, you can use it for 2-8 hours a day according to your personal situation. Use for less time if you feel unwell.

2. After forming a rule, you must persist in using it and the effect is obvious

Warn prompt

1. It is recommended to buy more than 2 sets for replacement and replacement, which can prolong the service life of the product.
2. Those with oily skin and those who sweat easily, clean the face mask before and after wearing it and keep it clean.

Maintenance and cleaning

1. It is recommended to change and wash once every 3-5 days. Too frequent washing will shorten the service life of the mask.
2. Wash with warm water and neutral detergent below 40 degrees Celsius, avoid soaking for a long time, do not machine wash and spin dry, in order to maintain the elasticity of the fabric.
3. Use a towel to fully absorb the water before drying, do not wring it hard, smooth it and hang it up, dry it in the shade in a ventilated place, and place it indoors or under the eaves, avoid direct sunlight, and avoid scalding


Rosemary Rasmussen
Verified Buyer

Love this. I bought two. The ace wrap that the doc gave me to wear for several weeks after chin lipo slips and slides and I have to re do it a million times a day. My only complaint is that my ears must be big or positioned weird so i had to cut it a smidge but it’s so great for what I had done (lipo on jawline and chin). Nice and snug!

Eloise Duran
Verified Buyer

I was very hesitant about getting this, but photos just kept showing the start of a double chin. I tried it and I felt like even after the first night, I saw results the next day. I use it a few times a week at bedtime and I don’t notice the double chin anymore. My only complaint, which isn’t really a complaint is the Velcro tends to get stuck in my hair. But I got a cloth headband to go underneath, problem solved!

Mckenzie Brewer
Verified Buyer

This did not Hurt Every time I wore it like others. Yes, my Pores Are able to be In Detox Mode Easily with this chin strap and some hyaluronic acid. TO think What I Read Is To use it Every day, Then moisturize with the Hyaluronic acid In Steps.

Anisha Solis
Verified Buyer

Comfortable and soft. This chin strap is a pleasure to sleep in or wear does not squeeze you doesn’t feel like it’s hurting your chin. It’s just right and it’s working not just on my chin but overall my face feels more and it looks lifted better results than using expensive night creams. All I can say it’s try it, I tried many other chin straps this is the best!!

Sofia Lynn
Verified Buyer

Well it’s very easy to put on and it’s doesn’t even bother the part of the ears.. I have noticed it’s been working pretty good on my chin area .. Looking forward to see results as time goes by

Angelica Simmons
Verified Buyer

As someone who has struggled with swollenness and a double chin, I was excited to try this chin strap to see if it could help improve the appearance of my face. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the chin strap and would highly recommend it to others who are looking for a non-invasive solution for reducing the appearance of a double chin.

Katherine Donaldson
Verified Buyer

An easy addition to my night time routine. After my face wash serum routine, I wear this while watching an episode of my favorite show. I have seen a difference in my jaw line in the month I have worn.

Tori Terry
Verified Buyer

The chin strap was easy to use and comfortable material. I used the chin strap for weeks and I can already notice a difference with my double chin, It looks like I had a chin lift and my face looks toned and defined I recommend this chin strap for anyone needing to reduce a double chin. It's easy to use, comfortable, and effective.

Cordelia Mendez
Verified Buyer

Great for swelling of chin and very comfortable. Washes well. The Velcro is very strong, so do not recommend sleeping in it or it could end up tangled in your hair.

Bella Goodwin
Verified Buyer

I was a bit skeptical at first, but to my surprise, it is comfortable on my face. I’ve worn it before bed for an hour every night and have noticed small changes in my double chin. I’m hoping the more I wear it, the more confident I feel!

Lila Evans
Verified Buyer

This chin strap is great. I bought it for my after surgery as my surgeon suggested it. The ear slots are great. The material is nice and it fits snug and you can adjust it. Would buy again!!

Ciara Cummings
Verified Buyer

At first I was skeptical about buying this as it is easy to get scammed online, but I decided to give it a shot anyways and I love it! I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks and I see positive results. I’d definantly recommend this to my friends.

Abbie Yang
Verified Buyer

I was very impressed with this product. It was very comfortable to wear, and you can see visible results after first use. The longer you wear it, the better the results. You won’t be disappointed with this product.

Leslie Williams
Verified Buyer

10/10 recommend this product. It fits as it should and is easy to put on.

Mariyah Aguirre
Verified Buyer

I love this product It helps remove my double chin and give my face a tiny look. The material is very comfortable.

Aaliyah Powell
Verified Buyer

It is super easy to use. The only issue I’ve came across is that my ears won’t fit into the slots.

Hallie Melton
Verified Buyer

It’s really comfortable to use. I use it while I workout. Love it !

Jenny Cantu
Verified Buyer

I like that this product actually fits my face . And it's adjustable .

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