Stretch Board Extra Side-Handle Design Adjustable Incline Board and Calf Stretcher Leg Trainer Foot Stool Portable Slant Boards

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This adjustable balance board helps to make your muscles more responsive during exercising; Helps you stretch properly and reduce the chance of injury.



Not only helpful to stretching before/after work out, but also beneficial to the body recovery from Achilles tendon injuries, shin splints, calf strains and other foot and ankle injuries and pain



Subdivided into 6 levels, not only meets the use of different age groups, but also lowers the threshold from entry to professional, Help you stretch correctly and reduce the use of improper injury.


Features a textured surface and a plastic/rubber lip for heels to protect you from slipping off.



This slant board is made of environmentally friendly ABS material, durable and odorless. The solid steel makes the board more stable, ensuring the safety of the user.



Our slant board helps users to stretch according to their usage habits. It can be folded, easy to carry, suitable for home, office, travel and indoor and outdoor exercise.




Kerys Hayward
Verified Buyer

A little expensive but they withstand a good amount of weight.

Fionnuala Owen
Verified Buyer

Incredible product. So gooood for stretching the achilles tendons and/or hamstrings! Felt the difference the first time I used it. Also, is very compact when folded and has a nice weight to it. Even though it's plastic, it is not flimsy.

Lidia Hussain
Verified Buyer

We use this for stretching. Works well.

Aine Conner
Verified Buyer

I use this as a addition to my physical therapy (which had a wooden one with a wider base). Unfortunately I did not measure before purchase.

Dayna Colley
Verified Buyer

bought the same one I used at a rehab facility. Works good. stretch calves and when placed near something you can grab onto, I don't fall off. Works as designed.

Nawal Espinosa
Verified Buyer

I use this almost every day to treat posterior tibial tendonitis. It keeps my calve muscles nice and loose, especially before running. I would buy another one.

Evie-Rose Nunez
Verified Buyer

After completing heart attack rehab, I purchased this unit to continue the program at rehab. Works great and adds another tool to my workout routine.

Nola Singleton
Verified Buyer

As someone with chronic ankle issues, this calf stretching device has made a world of difference. I get an excellent stretch and am able to keep my calves stretched out with this. I've had such good results that I've even got my husband using it.

Sinead Keeling
Verified Buyer

I love this slant board! Since the pandemic began, I no longer go to the Y to work out. They had a slant board similar to this but without the bottom 'foot rest' part to hold your foot in place so that it doesn't slide off the block. A slant board has always been my 'go to' piece of equipment to stretch out before working out. This is one is best slant board I've ever used. Like the one at the Y, it has the ability to change the incline amount. But unlike the one at the Y, it has a foot rest at the bottom which keeps your foot in place. I love that feature. Note: I am a woman with a size 8 sneaker and my foot is almost at the top of the board. If you have a large foot, this slant board may not be big enough for you.

Khadeejah Flynn
Verified Buyer

I have been doing calf stretches against the wall for my plantar fasciitis and was not getting much of a stretch. So I decided to try the slant board and oh my gosh what a stretch! It’s far exceeded my expectations. I use it on the second level and get a really good deep stretch. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Klaudia Douglas
Verified Buyer

My child is a toe walker. And to break the habit to avoid surgery, his acheles tendon was not stretching, I got this item to use as a stretcher for him. I have seen a great improvement in his foot posture.

Polly Maynard
Verified Buyer

If you suffer from chronic Achilles tendonitis like I do I highly recommend getting this product. I have insertional Achilles tendonopothy with bone spurs which causes chronic pain in my heels and Achilles tendons. Regular stretching recommended by my podiatrist wasnt effective enough at helping the situation. I bought this thing, did some good long stretches on it and it immediately helped my feet feel better. I use it regularly now and my pain level has dramatically improved along with my quality of life. Highly recommended for anyone with Achilles issues.

Lili Townsend
Verified Buyer

I like this board for stretching my calves. It provides a sturdy platform for stretching either both calves at the same time or one side at a time. I use the board in a doorway to provide additional downward pressure in stretches. The maximum level is far beyond where my calves stretch, so plenty of room to grow into. I weight 200lbs, so it can hold more than that as I push up in a door frame to force my heels down to the board surface.

Brielle Pickett
Verified Buyer

This little unit is everything you need to stretch out your calves. I admit I was skeptical when I first started to set it up but my worries vanished when I stepped on it. I use it twice a day and have been very pleased with it. There are several angle settings to help you determine and set your goals. The only suggestion would be to secure the edges of the box with tape to add stability and security during transport. I like that they eliminate a box to the landfill but my box arrived a little beaten up.

Jodi Snyder
Verified Buyer

It provided excellent comfort to my menstrual cramps! I enjoy that it can be easily maneuvered into any location; sturdy enough to support 300 pounds, but lite enough to be held by one hand.

Oluwatobiloba Hassan
Verified Buyer

It is a perfect product for what I need to improve my health.

Dylan Mays
Verified Buyer

I use this daily to stretch out my calves. It is very sturdy.

Jane Moss
Verified Buyer

Helpful for plantar fasciitis with heel pain and for knee pain. My physical therapist suggested purchasing a slant board like I used at their facility. I was not sure this lighter less expensive device would work as well as the larger ones but I took a chance. It is perfect for my use at home and easy to pick up and move. I have it located near a walkway so that I can easily stretch my leg and foot multiple times a day. My husband has knee pain and it is helping him as well. It folds and we can take it along when traveling too. I recommend it.

Juno Barlow
Verified Buyer

I’m preparing for surgery with prehab in hopes of making recovery time shorter. This is one of several pieces of equipment I’ve purchased for doing some of my physical therapy exercises at home. It works as well as the slant board I use at the clinic.

Linzi Kaur
Verified Buyer

This board is a lot sturdier than I imagined and that other reviews had let on to. It supports my full weight and gives an amazing stretch even at the lowest level. Some other reviews mentioned the board not being big enough for bigger feet but my boyfriend was fine using it and he’s a US11.5/12. Would recommend!

Sabah Mcguire
Verified Buyer

I have to do physical therapy and this calf stretcher works great. It's the same one that is at the physical therapist's office. Works well, no complaints. I would recommend it if you need a calf stretcher.

Suzanna Cobb
Verified Buyer

This slant board was exactly what I was looking for! I am recovering from a calf muscle injury and was using a foam slant board to stretch. I needed something sturdy that would provide a deeper stretch, but wooden slant boards were way too expensive. This one provides as much stability and allows me to stretch the way I did at physical therapy using their wooden slant board. Only regret is that I didn’t but this one sooner!

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